Lorelei Cress, Loma Linda Bento Queen is at it again. Post comments and convince her to create a photo blog of her lunches!


Prelude to Green

Prelude to Green:  Has the lack of images of African Americans in nature shaped  perceptions about our involvement in Environmentalism?   This February, Mezclados will find out. The mainstream environmental movement judges that African Americans, although proven to be interested in environmental issues, do not participate in environmental activities at the same rate as other […]

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Oscars Half Birthday– Book Review

Finally, a book featuring a multi-ethnic family that is not about “being” a multi-ethnic family. Instead, Oscars Half Birthday follows Oscar, his mom,dad and big sister on a very regular outing on a special day. If you’re thinking of ideas for a party then follow Oscar’s family as they pack lunch,take a walk, observe the […]

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The Western Bento: Eastern Tradition Informing School Lunch.

The Western Bento: Eastern Tradition Informing School Lunch. Bento 101 – Uncrustables sandwich with orange peel chick, clementine peel flower, broccoli, baby carrots, grape tomatoes and apple slices. Snack: clementine and mini blueberry muffin. Dessert: birthday cake pop from Starbucks. Javaughn Renee and Lorelei Cress One hundred and seventy: the number of lunches prepared and […]

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