Oscars Half Birthday– Book Review

Finally, a book featuring a multi-ethnic family that is not about "being" a multi-ethnic family. Instead, Oscars Half Birthday follows Oscar, his mom,dad and big sister on a very regular outing on a special day. If you're thinking of ideas for a party then follow Oscar's family as they pack lunch,take a walk, observe the … Continue reading Oscars Half Birthday– Book Review

We’re back.

After a long hiatus, Mezclados is back with a bigger mission .  In the beginning, we wrote about ethnic diversity and family.  We've expanded to include  writing on more things that make family unique. Disability, LBGT themes, multicultural, divorced, single,co-parenting, and spirituality. It's not just about my family anymore and as a result I'll need … Continue reading We’re back.

Ghana Light German Light.

By Monica Maria Tetzlaff   This has been a year of heritage for our family.  Our daughter Hannah is African American and my partner and I are of European heritage, specifically German in my case.  Brad, my partner is German and Scottish, but is not a German speaker. I am close to my heritage because … Continue reading Ghana Light German Light.

Velveteen Your Life, or How to Become a Real Artist.

Once upon a time Melissa Culross dreamed of singing, but she told herself and others that she couldn't sing outside of the shower. One day, she realized that it was all a lie.  In fact she found that she was her own biggest critic.  Since she'd never sang in front of people or regularly performed … Continue reading Velveteen Your Life, or How to Become a Real Artist.