Before I get to Priceless II

Shit my baby says:

Mom: Listen I know you think you know a lot but you don’t know everything.

LilM: I DO know everything.

Mom: Ok, LilM, like what?

LilM:(matter of factually with HANDS)  I know about toys and everything…”


Mom: LilM did you fart (sniffs)

LilM: No. I don’t smell nussing.

Mom: I do. Do  you have to go potty?

LilM (shuffling away, waving behind butt) : No. It just smells like cake!


LilM(in the tub) : Mommy, I like the way you put water on my head.  You did a GOOD job, that was Awesome.


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  1. Love it! The things kids say are just so incredible. I laugh my butt off nearly every day from things that our little boy says.

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