No b*#&ch, Im not the babysitter

I know its harsh.  And as a good Christian (which I consider myself) I should say no “lady” But this is actually what it feels like

after your child has been whining “mommy” all day, for hours, at least 7 times/ minute and then someone asks if your babysitting.

Did you hear her  call me mommy 20,000 times?  Do you think she is confused?

Here is a list of things to say if you see us in the store again

1) nothing.  Think about the question your asking– I know you’re curious but is it any of  your business?

2) hello.

3) If you suspect my daughter is being abducted because we look completely different–call the police.  You’ll be embarrassed for sure, but you’ll know you did the right thing–that is is you’d call  the police on a  white mommy  and black baby just as quick.



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  1. Good for you for posting this! I can’t imagine how that made you feel. That reminds me of how I felt when a lady hands free I might add, with her flourescent pink t-shirt and bad haricut came up to my baby and me in the grocery store. He was screaming because he hates his carseat. But we were in the checkout line and it just was not pragmatic to take him out as we were being rung up. I made a conscious decision to let them (the people in the grocery store) suffer. We’d be out of their ear shot anyway in minutes. The lady came up and peered in the grocery cart and under the cover on the car seat carrier, and said, “That’s an unhappy baby.” That lady had no idea how that made me feel. “That mom can not make her baby happy.” People just have no idea! Weren’t these people moms ever??
    How about some compassion! Keep writing woman! I’d buy your book and say hello!

  2. Elizabeth Van Jacob August 3, 2010 — 12:43 pm

    I once had a waitress in town ask me if I was Nina’s aunt when the two of us were out for lunch when she was around 5. Also had a clerk at the grocery store ask me if I was the girls babysitter when we were checking out early one afternoon. And I don’t really look so very different from my girls — except for Nina’s blonde hair.

  3. for real. that last sentence being the clincher.
    that must have made steam come out your ears

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