Steaming Happy!

Lil M was rewarded yesterday for 7 dry nights! She seemed a bit disappointed about the prize- a preschoool maze book–but hey, I’m trying to raise a nerd.

Once I go into the store to purchase though, I can get lost in all the things I want to get her.  Bows, organic baby oil, flip flops, a drum kit–they all are deceptive items that trick me into thinking they will make her a happy kid.

Then I remember that she is a happy kid.  Frolicking, galloping, screaming happy!  Buzzing with energy steaming happy! And I have to say it couldn’t have wouldn’t have happened without the love and support of her dad, me and about 40 other people who have embraced our family in their arms.

So– we’re gonna do it again.  I’ll spill the details later.



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  1. Elizabeth Van Jacob August 6, 2010 — 2:11 am

    I love the phrase “I am trying to raise a nerd.”

    We always felt a real parenting victory when our kids wanted (and still want) to go to the bookstore for a special treat above all other places. There and the library.

  2. I love Lil M kisses and energy. U go girl on doing it again. You’ve got the love to share.

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