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So I see you’ve heard from MacCheesy and Ms C.  Please send suggestions for sibling jealousy. I ‘ve never experienced it growing up an only child.

The biggest thought I want to share with you is about parenting and self judgement.  Actually, I don’t have much to say about it except that doing it often–sucks. Parental thoughts are riddled with bulletholes of shoulds and shouldn’t s leaving us exhausted at the end of the day.  Thankfully, it’s not just me ,or you, if you’re reading this blog.

My friend at M.E.M.O  writes about her struggles to keep her identity and stay afloat as a new mom.  She is also reading the Mommy Mask, which I will have her review for us.  I am happy to go on this mommy journey with my M.E.M.O. But if you really want to know what life, the pleasingly beautiful and  the painful please read the essays at Elizabeth in This World and  The Chronicles of Munchinkin Land.

The Chronicles are so honest they stay with you days after reading.  The author is a birth mother and is writing honestly about adoption and her life–after reading, you will no longer demonize or marginalize  birth mothers .

One  great thing  about the blog is that the archives go back to 2007–the author has really gifted both the blog and adoption community with empathy.

Another honest project is the documentary Wo Ai Ni (I Love You) Mommy on POV right now until November 30. In fact the film is part a series of films about adoption. In , “I Love You..” an American Jewish family adopts FAith, a orphan from China.  Without giving everything away, I will tell you that many of the coments on the POV blog are particularly hostile towards the adoptive mother.   But I say,

this work is hard work.  Being an adult, being a parent, being alive–and liking it.

I know it’s cryptic but I’m sleepy and you’ll really  have to watch it yourself.   I’ll update while I’m awake tomorrow.


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