Macheesy and family get over it.

The last time I stayed up all day was after a rave.  Al though involuntary, I did it again today.  We were awakened last night by a petite version of  Janis Joplin ( MacCheesy) giving up the ghost on our bed declaring, ” I want my daaaady.” Ms. C was rudely awakened upon MacCheesy’s  departure.  7 hours earlier we had released some tension when Mac let us know that it was NOT OK for Ms. C. to get any affection from us, and that she should be taken 1) back to her foster mom or 2) put in backpack and left at WalMart.  We reacted well and told her we understood her feelings and her and Dad (primary caregiver  the first 6 weeks she was in our home) had  a warm nighttime chat.

Or so we thought.

So of course after the 4 am fiasco I arose LIVID and TIRED.   My eyes looked like this  ((.)) ((.)) Ms. C. was obliviously grumpy all day but MacCheesy was an angel. At  Goodwill she was allowed to walk near me without holding hands and yep, she did an awesome job, even leaving the toys after being asked once . She played gently with Ms. C. and let her neighbor have the balloon that Daddy got her on their cafe date this morning.

However, she woke up Ms. C from a nap which means Ms. C officially received  less then half her recommended hours of sleep.  Her grumpiness continued (she had lots of great smiles in between though.)

Exasperated with MacCheesy, I think I said 7 words to her. The  saying, “less is more,” seems to have applied.  She offered to watch Ms C. while I brushed my teeth and when I told her she was not obligated to call Ms. C her sister, she started taunting (me?) “Shes my sister ha ha.” According to Dad, she did a GREAT job helping change the office into a room for Ms. C.

They both went down at the end of the night after a joint bath.  MacCheesy later requested I sleep in her bed for a bit.  She put her hands on my face and said ” Let me feel your breath on my face.”  So I think we’re all in the clear at least  for a while.



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  1. Ah, that MacCheesy. She undoubtedly is a Janis Joplin in training. In her calmer moments, I noticed she’s good about feeding Ms. C as long as she can eat a teeny a bit off her spoon before giving it to her. Ms. C doesn’t seem to mind.

  2. glad to find your blog! love to follow the journey of other foster/adopt families. Hope you got some rest!

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