Phew, that was fun

Sometimes challenging things can be fun.  I admit being on leave and hanging with MacCheesy and Bug was rough.  But they consider themselves sisters now, and that is what I wanted.

I have a lot to say about the foster care SYSTEM and adoption and reactive attachment disorder and the government, but I have a short amount of time so, for now I’ll just plug a few things I have discovered on leave.

The YMCA : Enrolled, canceled and enrolled again.  The cool thing about the YMCA is Home school P.E. Even if you do not home school, its a wonder thing if you have a day without day care. The YMCA also has babysitting  while you are in the gym. No, it is not Montessori Pre-school, but it works if you want to sit in the sauna for 2 hours.

Free Printables for Adults.  That’s right, after days of printing out coloring pages, I remembered how much I like coloring and how relaxing it can be.  My first pic was a dia de los muertos skull.  I got a palate from

Outdoor Afro: Did I mention, that I completed a MA Degree? Finally. You can read more about it and the topic at This site runs articles and projects after my own heart. They also had a link to a more relevant site; Melting Pot Moms, which I adore, and say its about time!


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  1. Hey it’s good to hear it! Well done on many fronts at once, including 2 hours in the sauna! I have realized I should do that these holidays. Thanks for the update, the resources and the encouragement.

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