Bells and Whistles Are Sometimes Blinding or Prodigal Parents.

The search for daycare was a simple one.  Close, multicultural and economically diverse.  The teachers were competant and the teacher of the 1’s room did Macheesy’s hair.  Then before she turned three, she became a preschool monster.biting, smashing 1 year olds into corners, and then some days tearing an entire room upside down.

What’s a mom to do?

The director acknowledged there was a problem, but she  never suggested moving Cheesy.  I did.   I thought she was a bored genius trapped in a prison of dull blue carpet and a neglected children’s garden.

The Montesorri school was awesome, but it did not seem to have enough space.  I invisoned her kicking around all the toys of that the quiet, peaceful kids were playing with.  Then we saw the local University set up and were wowed by their bells and whistles.  I was only a little cautious about the large class size, because there was tons of space. Plus, they read books and created themes around the story AND the author.  They were very crucnhy and intellectual–growing organic gardens, bringing in flamenco dancers for their Friday performance series, and serving optional vegetarian lunches.  It was perfect.

She lasted 4 weeks before they kicked her out. She was a bored, vampire  genius.

To the schools credit, they did have their own social worker observe and suggest techniques to work with my child.  But unfortunately, she gave too nasty of  a bite.

Instead of  returning Macheesy to her former daycare, I took the 12 week leave to help her  adjust to life, me and a new sister (Bug) who arrived a week after my official time off.    The time was well spent,  and soon Cheesy began to ask when she would return to school. She often added, ” I won’t bite ANYBODY.” After the 12 weeks were over, and after extensive training (me rushing into her personal space to take a toy–and her not biting) she was ready to return to her original school.

I wish I was not afraid that her birth mother is reading this blog and is planning a kidnapping, because I really want to tell you the name of her original school.  What is important is that she was welcomed  like a princess. That blue carpet was like a runway as she toddled into the office.  Her old teachers came into the 3’s room with hugs and questions, they also all took turns meeting her new sister–also embraced  like a princess.  I know it is not true, but they acted like she was the favorite. I am now sure that every child there feels like royalty there.   And our family felt it.   Cheesy will learn two languages, learn to take care of fish and see her long time friend who in the six months we  were out, she never forgot.  She was able to watch her little sister be embraced by the first teacher she ever had.  We remain touched. As for that garden, I will be using my skills this spring to show my appreciation.


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  1. Great post! I’m so glad to hear your girls were treated like the princesses they are — I can totally picture M strutting down the blue carpet runway!

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