Mezclados 2011 Resolutions!

Happy New Year all! From the Mezclados crew.  I have some resolutions for this blog and they include less whining (Mom thinks I am depressed) about difference and more celebration.  This means I will try my best to have guest bloggers, bi-cultural recipes, book reviews and artwork.  Additionally there will be more polls and contests.  Finally, I hope to better impress all of you with better, well thought out pieces of prose which entails a great deal of sit down discipline on my part.

Today I am posting a link to an author who I am begging to guest this year.  Her name is Karen Walrond. She is a writer and photographer who has published The Beauty of Different : Obervations of a Confident Misfit. Here is a taste:


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  1. I recognize one of the people in this…Aliza. She lives in Alaska now but she ran a writing group I was in in Cheyenne, WY. Small world. I love this woman’s preject. So inspirational.

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