Pre-“D-day” (as in Delight)

There is something about May 27, 2011. Three major family events will happen or are set to happen.
1) MacCheesy’s final adoption hearing. Complete with matching dresses (yes Bug is coming too) and a stash bag of lollipops, trail size lotion bottles, and board books. She even got a new haircut for the occasion.

2) Chris hands in dissertation to his advisor.

3)We hear about a job in California

Last week, when contemplating D-Day, MacCheesy revealed to her Dad just how rude he was to speak of adoption.
” I dont want to hear it–stop talking about it!”
” Well it just means that we will be a family FOREVER–You’ll be part of our family forever!
” I Know that!” she retorted. Then we all got quiet.
” Mac, you know how when we go to the farmer’s market, people always ask, ‘oh is that your mom?’  or, “is that your daughter?'”
“Um hmm,” still indignant.
” Well I know YOU know and WE ALL know we are a family, but now THEY will all know.”    And we left it there.   I feel a little bad about how much pomp and circumstance I’ve encouraged around the event ( although the sisters will still wear matching dresses).

Last night, Mac woke up at 4:00a.m. and came and slept with me in the den where I fell asleep. In two and a half years this was our first nap where we actually slept. Usually, she’ll  have a toe in my nose and I have to send her away, or leave her room.

It felt meaningful.

Seems like I’m leaving out Bug. Let me tell you she has made great strides, including, if you haven’t heard, walking! She’s walking and talking and pulling out Mac’s hair. She can climb into a crib and a high chair and she too is in love with her dad. Surely, she has cute quotes, however, we have not been able to decode most of her language. Last night though we did make out, ” Daddy say ”poo poo'(fart noise) and I say, ‘shh shh,’ like that, ‘Shh shh.'” (with her finger in front of her mouth). Additionally,  she is not a fan of adoption talk.

As a result, we may just hit Dainty Maid Bakery down the road and eat some donuts after the event. I may slip out and go next door to Cambodian Thai for some Dragon Noodles and an iced coffee. I know its not about me, but I have a strong desire to be separated from my daughter and know that when we are away from each other we are mother and daughter–forever.



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  1. Awesome. Loved how you wrote that.

  2. PS – It’s about damn time you posted something. Ha ha. Just kidding. Call me when sometime today if you can.

  3. Your fans want a follow-up post today. We will give you until midnight. Then I will send the blog plice after you. I’m so excited for your family.

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