The Beauty of Typos

Ok, there is no beauty in typos, I am just trying to draw editors away from the hundreds of typos in this blog. One might say, ” if you are going to put this platform in your portfolio, go through, and edit the typos.” I will get there one day, but can I explain myself?

Each typo in this blog; each misuse of punctuation, or drop of a letter, was placed randomly, yet beautifully, under duress.

Since the last time I have written here there have been major (understatement) changes in diagnoses, number of family members and the makeup of our family. All of this did not happen at once. There was a subtle mitosis occurring while I composed each post which made it more and more difficult to continue the Mezclados blog.

I won’t give it up though. It may be the only legacy I can leave. I mean, I hope there will be trust funds or a novel or something better, but for now an account of the early days of our family will have to do.

If you feel compelled to undergo the process of editing the 55+ posts out of love please contact me. Otherwise, do not fret, I will check out the Hipsters on Fiverr and have someone go through them-I promise. In the meantime, subscribe and check in. The writing mantis has bitten the head off the painting bug for a minute and I may have more to share.

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