Velveteen Your Life, or How to Become a Real Artist.

Once upon a time Melissa Culross dreamed of singing, but she told herself and others that she couldn't sing outside of the shower. One day, she realized that it was all a lie.  In fact she found that she was her own biggest critic.  Since she'd never sang in front of people or regularly performed … Continue reading Velveteen Your Life, or How to Become a Real Artist.

What’s This Blog About Anyway?

After a bit of blogsoul searching, its become clear that I want Mezclados to be. Its really just not going to be a political publication or culture journal about being "mixed."  Instead the content will be "mixed," I love art,  music, people and great storytelling and that's what you are going to get here. The … Continue reading What’s This Blog About Anyway?

Dreamer Por Vida!

My friend and fellow artist is mixing it up in Southern California! As a musician and painter/sculptor, Richard Rodriguez utilizes dreams the way we all wish we could.  As an eternal motivator for a life of beauty. Raised to accept all the Mexican, African, French, Hindu and Christian roots in his family tree, Rodriguez brings … Continue reading Dreamer Por Vida!

Appropriate or Appropriation?

Happy St. Patties? Appropriate or Appropriation? In front of a mirror, in a  mall somewhere in Southern California,  I tried on a silk tunic and all at once I felt global--even native.  In that moment in the mirror, a still small voice said something like,  "You're proud of yourself aren't you. Where is this stuff … Continue reading Appropriate or Appropriation?