What’s This Blog About Anyway?

After a bit of blogsoul searching, its become clear that I want Mezclados to be. Its really just not going to be a political publication or culture journal about being "mixed."  Instead the content will be "mixed," I love art,  music, people and great storytelling and that's what you are going to get here. The … Continue reading What’s This Blog About Anyway?

Oscars Half Birthday– Book Review

Finally, a book featuring a multi-ethnic family that is not about "being" a multi-ethnic family. Instead, Oscars Half Birthday follows Oscar, his mom,dad and big sister on a very regular outing on a special day. If you're thinking of ideas for a party then follow Oscar's family as they pack lunch,take a walk, observe the … Continue reading Oscars Half Birthday– Book Review

Can Serious Games Save the World?

Peacemaker, Food Force, and A Force More Powerful By Javaughn Fernanders I. Serious Games. On February 2003, a subgroup of game developers formerly convened the first Serious Game Summit held during the largely popular Game Developers Conference.  Serious Games, games that are not used for entertainment, are usually instructional and used in various industries. Language … Continue reading Can Serious Games Save the World?

Dreamer Por Vida!

My friend and fellow artist is mixing it up in Southern California! As a musician and painter/sculptor, Richard Rodriguez utilizes dreams the way we all wish we could.  As an eternal motivator for a life of beauty. Raised to accept all the Mexican, African, French, Hindu and Christian roots in his family tree, Rodriguez brings … Continue reading Dreamer Por Vida!

Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness By Susanna Hamilton Freedom is a practice. It is in the awakening, the awareness that our feelings and perceptions in the present moment are transient; our happiness and suffering ebb and flow as the tides of the ocean. When we are happy the people around us are more likely to be happy. As we … Continue reading Practicing Mindfulness

Holiday Bingo

When our kids were little, we used to joke that we were the “complete multicultural family.”   Our appearance wasn’t too shocking by the 1990sat least on the East Coast.  We often evoked stares and even rude comments traveling in some other places.  But our religious affiliations often left people confused, if not downright dumbfounded or … Continue reading Holiday Bingo


Caucasia Riverhead, 1998 Danzy Senna Caucasia follows Birdie’s search for father and sister in the aftermath of Cointelpro and the break up her biracial activist parents.  Don’t read if you think this is a how-to book for Black and white parents.  It is a lesson in chasing fantasy, identity and the reality of dysfunctionality with … Continue reading Reviews

Appropriate or Appropriation?

Happy St. Patties? Appropriate or Appropriation? In front of a mirror, in a  mall somewhere in Southern California,  I tried on a silk tunic and all at once I felt global--even native.  In that moment in the mirror, a still small voice said something like,  "You're proud of yourself aren't you. Where is this stuff … Continue reading Appropriate or Appropriation?

The Western Bento: Eastern Tradition Informing School Lunch.

The Western Bento: Eastern Tradition Informing School Lunch. Bento 101 - Uncrustables sandwich with orange peel chick, clementine peel flower, broccoli, baby carrots, grape tomatoes and apple slices. Snack: clementine and mini blueberry muffin. Dessert: birthday cake pop from Starbucks. Javaughn Renee and Lorelei Cress One hundred and seventy: the number of lunches prepared and … Continue reading The Western Bento: Eastern Tradition Informing School Lunch.